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A physical data center that is well designed and intelligently monitored not only makes updated initiatives possible in a flexible manner but also provides resources for future management and decision-making. Each time the data center equipment is moved or a machine is added, the balance of power, cooling, space and connection alter. As a result, there is a need for change, but what is the right action?

In order to get full details of the available data center, hardware resources and software performance, a broad view and a precise supervision on the activities and relevant executions and generally on all Active and Passive equipment which has been used in the infrastructure is vital. In addition to manage a data center in a smart, accurate and real-time way, both software and hardware tools are needed. For example, to view users’ Internet traffic usage, software tools should be the same for such as Solar Winds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor and PRTG or other software tools. To view the performance and to monitor hardware resources including servers, switches and … the Solar Winds Real-Time Bandwidth Monitor or other software tools in the field are used, similarly to monitor every aspect, the proper tools must be given to reach a more favorable service provision.

Utilizing the tools, skills and proper processes in NOC, it is possible to execute the network for efficiently and also to guarantee daily tasks smoothly without technical flaws which have to be done as quickly as possible with a reasonable price.

With a professional and careful study and assessment of public and private network applications and data centers, FAS has found the necessity of smart tools to control eminently and flawlessly. it is also pursuing a Comprehensive and intelligent software that enables diversified and specialized methods, in the most simplified and user friendly way with filtering capabilities based on the specific factors, to extract needed key information through massive amounts of information to provide managers with. Then it can report, analyze or sort them according to their scope, in order to refer them to the network administrative based on the chart of executives, so that appropriate and timely decisions can be made. Finally, finally, business process execution is accelerated and the potential human error and the overall costs reduce almost to zero in the best condition. A Comprehensive software for the network administrators to apply eminent and centralized control on datacenters simply and applicably which can enhance management, research and development affordably.

AIM Software consists of managing, monitoring, measuring, controlling, reporting and analyzing the dashboards, as a powerful tool for network administrator and data centers, which provides a better access to hardware, software and infrastructure resources.

This application aims to replace system management and monitoring software completely and in an integrated way, using the latest software and internet capabilities for providing quality services quickly. It has been designed, as a comprehensive and practical tool, to control, supervise, manage and maintain datacenters. It is able to inform and create awareness for data center infrastructure capacity such as hardware assets (server – Switch – storage devices, etc.), software assets (Layer OS. Software and action plans). Beside the intelligent system of Online Ticket and many other useful features including the Asset Inventory, it is able to meet the needs of various private and public and experts to control their datacenters.

Asset Management

AIM solutions simplify asset tracking and connectivity monitoring to accurately manage device inventory, changes, and accelerate operational efficiencies.

Sustainability-Regulatory Reporting

AIM software automates reporting to assist with sustainability and compliance reporting.

Capacity Management

Comprehensive AIM solutions provide analytics of actual capacity utilization of maximize use of existing IT resources, reduce CapEx , and better plan for future needs.

Energy Efficiency

AIM solutions provide visibility of power consumption and environmental conditions to support detailed PUE and regulatory reporting and reduce OPEX.

Monitoring and Trending Analysis

Monitoring current and historical power and environmental levels with AIM software to identify impending faults or inefficiencies that threaten operations and/or optimization.

The following table compares some key features between the AIM and its main competitors:

Temperature and humidity Control & monitor DC environment Better Automatic corrective actions Integrated map Graphic & navigation Free Faster config process  



Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NO Yes AIM
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Manage engine
NO NO NO NO Yes NO Yes Science logic
NO NO NO NO NO NO Yes WhatsUp gold
NO NO NO Yes Yes NO Yes Paessler Network monitor

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